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How can we help?

We want to provide all of our customers with the best possible service. Please
contact Deco Bébé’s customer service center with any questions or
problems you may have regarding the usage or repair of our products.

Customer service:4000-835-845(China only)


Please refer to our: Warranty Terms Quality Issue Return & Exchange

Warranty Terms

1. Warranty: 1 years
    This warranty is only valid for products that are faulty because of normal use. Decobébé will be responsible  
    for the cost of repairing the products.

2. Decobébé can charge the material cost and labor cost for fixing the products to customers under  
    the following conditions:
˙If product damage is caused by dropping on the ground and/or in the water due to inappropriate  
    usage, care, or shipment.
˙Damage is caused by defective parts due to inappropriate usage of the products.

3. Customers are responsible for the full repair cost (because the warranty does not apply) under the 
   following conditions:
˙Customers do not provide a valid warranty card and receipt.
˙The receipt has been altered in any way.
˙Customers provide false personal information on the warranty card. 
˙Customers take apart the products on their own or visit unauthorized points of service to repair, rebuild, 
    take apart, or maintain Deco Bébé products.

4. Conditions not covered by warranty:
˙Product warranty has expired.

Quality Issue Return & Exchange

If the goods are defective in terms of quality, you can exchange them within 7 days of receiving the order. Please call our customer service number: 400-0835-845. If you want to exchange and receive a new product rather than a refund, Deco Bébé will decide whether to supply a new product or fix the faulty product. Deco Bébé guarantees the use of qualified components when fixing returned goods. We also pledge that the rights of customers, product quality, user experience and after-sale service will remain the same. 

1. Repair Method: 
   Return address: Room 503,D Building,Bund Soho,300 RenMin Rd.Huangpu Dist.,Shanghai,China. Please include the following information: purchase channel, purchaser’s name and purchase time.  

2. How to Return: 
   Please, send the products, all the accessories, the receipt, and the shipping form back to our warehouse (at the return address above). In areas where our prepaid shipping payment service is not available, customers must pay for shipping first. Once we have finished processing your return or repair request and have received your shipping receipt, we will reimburse you the cost of shipping (though there may be some delay). Customer Service Address: Room 503,D Building,Bund Soho,300 RenMin Rd.Huangpu Dist.,Shanghai,China.

3. Important: 
˙Losing the warranty card will negatively impact customers’ rights as guaranteed by the warranty terms. Please keep your warranty card (even if it expires) to preserve your right to access after-sale services. Deco Bébé will not issue customers with replacement warranty cards.  ˙
˙Any product condition inspection that is done after the warranty terms expire or is outside of warranty coverage will be charged.  
˙Who qualifies for warranty? Customers who buy Deco Bébé products from the authorized channels in China, and have entered complete and valid personal information under the warranty terms.