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Our philosophy

Decobébé design philosophy is simple:

We put your child first. Our designers are focused and creative, but most of all totally

absorbed in everything that makes the world of our childhoods special.

Our approach to design is guided by
three underlying principles:

We always put the child’s perspective first. This means our products always meet kids’ needs, even as they grow older.
Our products are designed to match your child’s needs, whatever size or shape they may be.
Designed for comfort
Safety, ease-of use and the comfort of both child and parent are paramount.
Play is the most important part of any child’s life and learning. It also develops their creativity and imagination. So we take play as a starting point, but underpin that playful spirit with a commitment to streamlining products as well.
We then take that core product utility and adapt for comfort and safety, creating an ergonomic and attractive design that works for you and your children.
Meet our team
Our team is united by a belief that we can help young Chinese parents take the best care of their kids. This commitment has helped attract a tight-knit group of creative designers with a real passion for designing products for babies and children. All of us believe that by making the things our kids play with and use on a daily basis safer, more practical and more comfotable, the entire experience of parenthood and raising a family can be improved.
We have an international team that draws on experience of many different cultures and family environments, and while each member has their own specialty, we operate under a unified design approach: design for comfort.